Cool gadgets, we must all buy one…

I have waited a LONG time for an untethered jailbreak for IOS 5, and it seem this was released in December 2011.

Sadly I need to jailbreak my iPhone in order to run certain programs not approved by Apple, it is sad that people do not get to choose what they want to install on my iPhone but have to rely on what the Steve Jobs mob think is good for them.

Well anyhow, now you can jailbreak it and choose yourself 🙂  I’ll have to get around to doing this sometime soon, but as mine is already jailbroken it seem there is some work in this, but with a version of 4.2 (as I recall) it is about time 🙂  hope it will speed the thing up a bit also, it seem to have become a bit sluggish over time :-/

Read more here (and get what you need); 

Have you ever played the various flight simulators out there, there is a good chance you have..  Now many of these are excellent, and have you ever wanted to try one of the real flight simulators with hydraulics and what not?  Sure who haven’t..

Well take a look at this, it is an attempt to make a FPS (First Person Shooter) simulator.  Awesome – the perfect winter project, although you will need some space and likely also to empty your savings account 😉

Cool none the less..

Long version;


So this summer led to the way to early death of my compact Canon Ixus 860 camera 🙁  the screen got a bang and that was that 🙁  and of cause this model does NOT have any manual view finder….  so what to do, buy a new compact or go DSLR?  I went for option No2 – buy a new ‘expensive’ DSLR 😀  much encouraged by seeing that EVERYONE I met during my vacation in Rome Italy had a DSLR..

The choice ended up between Nikon D3000, D3100 and Canon EOD 1100, 550D.  I read review after review and eventually ended up with 2 models Nikon D3100 vs Canon 550D, after seeing the review and seeing that the Nikon D3100 was approx 260,- us$ cheaper I ended up buying the Nikon..  one thing I really miss on the Nikon though is the mic-in, it would be cool for video recording to have an external mic.

I am optimistic though, it looks like a quite decent camera – now I just have to get used to having this large thing to carry around with me :-/

Anyone should have a smoke alarm installed, I actually have 5 in my apartment. However we may all have tried placing one too near the kitchen and thus having it triggered by some “heavy doing cooking” :-/ real annoying.

Well someone has actually addressed this issue (First Alert Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm) and created a clever hybrid of the standard smoke detector, if the alarm is triggered then all you need to do is to grab ANY ir remote control point it at the smoke alarm and press any key, immediately this will silence the smoke alarm, thus it does not matter that the smoke alarm is in a very high-difficult-to-reach place.. how sweet is that 😀 you can even ‘ask’ the smoke alarm how the battery status is via an IR remote as well. Real cool I’d say 🙂

I just did a quick search and you can get it here (among other places likely);

Video demo;

Have an iPad or other tablet? Well good for you if you do, just don’t drop it as demonstrated in this YouTube video 🙂

Even more water stories, not only can you power your radio with your shower water (se an earlier post) – now you can charge your phone with water!?

Sounds crazy, well maybe but acording to this it’s nothing less than true 🙂

Fuel Cell for smartphones

Imagine this, you are a technician that often need to configure/re-configure Cisco devices – this mean you have to carry with you a laptop and the blue Cisco cable to configure those darn devices..

Well that was then, this is now 🙂  Now all you need is this cable, your iPhone and an App..  Clever indeed 😀

Ps. Should you need an RJ11 connector that is also an option;

So you don’t know what you will be doing this Sunday?  well here is an interesting project for you then 🙂

Now I don’t broadcast, at least not yet, but I guess you could find other useful applications of this technology – it looks quite easy to implement.