Cool gadgets, we must all buy one…

Atlas it would seem that the Iphone will find its way to Danish consumers, according to – Berlingske (a Danish newspaper) Telia has landed an agreement with Apple regarding distribution of the Iphone in Denmark.

This has however not stopped 8000 Danes in getting hold of an Iphone through alternate distribution channels, a quick search of also reveals several Iphones up for sale.  These versions are/needs to be ‘jailbroken’ (buildin security lock bypassed) in order to be used in Denmark, and the price for being an ‘early’ user is skyhigh approx US$ 890. 

There is no release date announced by Telia regarding their upcomming Danish launch.

Wall mount for plasma
I was just browsing for the Philips amBX speaker solution (basically an ambilight solution for the pc, which I btw found out is hideously expensive) when I stumbled over this cool do-it-yourself project for next winter (a backlit livingroom wallmount for your lcd/plasma), have a look at;

for a demo on the more expensive buy-it-ready amBX solution for your pc, visit youtube;

After firmware upgrading my Sony Ericsson K800i I suddenly found myself unable to download Google Maps which was very annoying as its quite a neat feature.  The error code read “Invalid application”, and there was just nothing to do the errorcode came up every time not matter what..

it took a bit of debugging but the solution seemed to be in a post on the Google Maps Forum from a guy called Thorsten;

Read more

Heard about Solid State Disks?  No!?, well then you’d better start googling..

Basically a solid state disk is a ram ‘replacement’ for the HDD, the idea is less power consumption and maybe improved performance.  The problem is that HDD’s are cheap SSD is not (yet), however some clever ‘geeks’ in Japan has come up with a solution – a board that can host Compact Flash Ram modules and function as a SSD disk..  nice..

Read more;

Manufacture is;
its available as both SATA and PATA although the SATA is the only one I have seen links to on western web-sites.  But you can buy it directly from the manufacture, that is if your Japanese is better than mine 😉

You are likely to have heard about them already, the Eee pc’s from Asus an ultra portable series with an equally low price-tag.

Should you want to read more about them including some tips and tricks for owners, then take a look here;

And a youtube video of the latest version to be released shortly (here the 7″ screen has been upped to a 9″ which makes it quite neat).

Link to other interesting bolg with mobile devices as a theme;

Install Windows for Legacy PCs on Asus Eee pc;

Tired of converting all your divx/xvid files to dvd in order to view them?

I found a mediacenter that should be able to deal with this for you, even in HD and with hdmi output..

I still use my good old XBOX 1 chipped to use XBMC, but still at a price of only DKK 1.500,- who knows in the new year 🙂 with a hdd the price is a tad higher (note the later models use sata hdd).

It is possible to also insert a DVB TV tuner card, but I am not quite able to determine exactly which format it uses.

Take a look at;

(the official page)
(Danish review, an older tvix version but still)
There is also another brand called mvix (hmm the name somehow looks similar, maybe a cheap ripoff),  I am not sure its as good (it somehow looks a little low budget) but take a look yourself (the link is to a review in pdf format);

Tvix 4100
Picture of a Tvix 4100
(the box model, it also comes in a different design)