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MS Hyper-V Server: in 30 days for $0

The show begins in 10 hours, but the news it out:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008, a new hypervisor-based server virtualization product (like ESXi), will be released within 30 days and be available at no cost via the Web
  • Microsoft will demonstrate live migration feature of Windows Server 2008 R2. And the next version of Microsoft Hyper-V Server (the one after 2008) will have live migration capabilities.
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 will be released within 30 days [not a surprise], which will manage Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2, Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 or VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3
  • Microsoft’s global server OEM partners … report that nearly 100% of their customers who order Windows Server 2008 with hardware are also choosing to have Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V included with their order.
  • Dedicated virtualization lab established within the Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center.

The keynote will be shown here in the morning [noon EDT]:

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My hosting provider has had some major problems which caused my blog to be agonizingly slow, hence I more or less dropped the idea and stated looking for a new hosting provider.

But in the 11th hour I decided to give my current provider another chance, and now after moving my database to a different server it seem to be working much better..  Lets hope the improvement is permanent, or I’ll have to switch provider 🙁 ..

Atlas it would seem that the Iphone will find its way to Danish consumers, according to – Berlingske (a Danish newspaper) Telia has landed an agreement with Apple regarding distribution of the Iphone in Denmark.

This has however not stopped 8000 Danes in getting hold of an Iphone through alternate distribution channels, a quick search of also reveals several Iphones up for sale.  These versions are/needs to be ‘jailbroken’ (buildin security lock bypassed) in order to be used in Denmark, and the price for being an ‘early’ user is skyhigh approx US$ 890. 

There is no release date announced by Telia regarding their upcomming Danish launch.


A bit of old news here, but it would seem I’m a journalist – cool 🙂  maybe I’ll demand a raise 😉

For more on why that is and why this is a good thing

One of the great Sci-fi writers has passed away, Arthur C. Clarke was truly a visionary when it came to foreseeing the future, and will surely be remembered for the movies 2001 and 2010 based upon his books – excellent sci-fi movies even though the 2001 may seem somewhat antiquated by today’s cgi standards.

get_adobe_air.pngVirtualization now cross platform 

Adobe has taken application virtualization one step further than Softgrid/Thinstall, now you can use the web aware Adobe Air applications on any compatible platform (basically any web-able os).

Its an interesting idea that surely will appeal to many web-service providers. 


It’s official folks, the HD format wars is over..

Toshiba has dropped the HD-DVD format.

Pros: Finally we have one standard

Cons: The price war between Sony and Toshiba did a good job of bringing the prices down, then again maybe one standard will call for more hardware suppliers adding BlueRay which again will bring down prices.


Just read about an ingenious new technology “ShotSpotter“, imagine a person firing a handgun and automatically within minutes police arrive without anyone calling them..

How it works? Simple, a number of microphones are placed on top of buildings in larger cities, they detect the special sound pattern of gun shots and by triangulation they can determine the vicinity where the shooting took place..  Clever..

PDF presentation;

Cant wait!?  Well here it is the latest Messenger in a more or less final beta…

Cool new feature is that you can customize the sound being played at your friends computers when you log on (mp3 etc)..  This, I guess, will also become an annoyance as some people will select some rather annoying sounds 🙂  oh well, life is only as fun as we make it 😉

There is also already a patch to get rid of annoying commercials etc;

Messenger 9 beta can be downloaded from here;

Happy MSN’ing.

Finnaly it’s here, this weekend my daughter invited me over to watch a movie, she works at a DVD distribution company nearby and she had a few samples home with her.

It turned out to be quite interesting, the DVD’s was of the new ‘SELF DISTRUCT’ kind, those who only works for a limited time (in this case 48h) and then are rendered useless (details here

Several things immediately came into mind;

How does it work 🙂 I found an entry at but this does not say much on how the technology works, then I looked at a apparently similar product which was abandoned by Disney earlier.  As I can tell its not quite the same technology, as the DVD-D disks do not turn color.  From what I can tell the DVD-D disks have a small hole in them, my guess would be, that this hole has to do with the protection, could be that air somehow is let in via this hole and starts some decomposition..  an interesting experiment would thus in future be to try and close this hole (superglue or something) and see if this would stop the process.  Also the package does not seem air-tight, hence it would appear the process does not begin before first play, maybe triggered by the heat of the laser!?

Another issue..  The environmental one, disposable DVD’s… hmm is this environmentally friendly?  At first thought no, but then again…  rental DVD’s have to be returned, many people go out start their car and drive to the local DVD shop returning the DVD which obviously is equally disturbing..  Hence, I would tend to say, not environmentally friendly, but maybe not all that bad either..  Maybe some sort of return system could be put into place, say you would have to pay 50cent (like soda and beer cans in Denmark) which was returned upon returning the dvd-d to the reseller, but this likely would be complex to implement.


I find the perspective of this technology fascinating, just think no more going outside a cold winter day returning a rental DVD..  nice..  Also you could buy/rent your movie many days in advance, and then watch it at your leisure. 

However, just one problem for now, the price..  from what I could tell the price for these dvd’s are 1/3 higher than regular rental dvd’s 🙁  This would have to be equaled out before this turns into a ‘blockbuster’ (or maybe rather a blockbuster killer, as such dvd’s could be sold from anywhere)…

Below a picture of the ‘hole’ I mentioned earlier…
48H DVD)