doubletwistDoubleTwist will allow you to sync music and video from Itunes to a lot of other devices than Iphone/Ipod (such as PSP, Blackberry, Nokia etc), and whom other than DVD JON to be involved in such an annoyance to Apple.

Download a free beta from the DoubleTwist website.



sherlocklgeEver had a video or audio file you could not play?  Most likely yes and the reason is 99% sure a missing codec, a good and easy approach to combat this is to install a codec pack which contain most used codec’es (currently I use Vista Codec Pack which seem to contain all that I need and btw also works fine on XP).

Should you however run into problems with codec’es then you may want to take a look at this “Codec detective” which will assist you in determining just what codec’es you have and their versions, this combined with a little googleing should be of great help.

1123_media_center_for_wii_3d_300dpi_cmykJust thought this may be of interest to Wii console owners, now you can get a mediacenter-extention for your Wii, and at a price of US$ 39,- it should be worth a look.   I have not tested this myself as I don’t have a Wii, what is wrong with my good old XBOX 1 which by the way DO have a mediacenter installed 😉

X-OOM Media Center for Wii™

  •  Direct access to all your movies, videos, photos, music etc. 
  •  Fool-proof installation and navigation
  •  Optimized for widescreen (16:9) 
  •  Access to more than 1,000 radio and TV channels 
  •  Streaming of multimedia files (audio/video)  
  •  Extensive support of media files: MP3, WMA, OGG, DivX®, Xvid, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV, JPG, BMP etc. 
  •  Common network connection through WLAN or LAN

r2230It would seem DVico has released TViX R-2230 a small form factor mediacenter with DVB-T build in, it looks quite interesting even though there seem to be some confusion regarding HD playback (supports 1080p but not MKV and H264).  I really liked the previous versions of TViX (se earlier post) and thus this is  interesting for when I will be decomissioning my good old X-Box1 classic (which I use as a mediacenter today) 🙂 one major issue however, it would seem it does not come with a network adapter which seem kind of silly 🙁

A few links for you;,tvixhd-pvr-plays-ripped-bluray.aspx

Danish site;


So a friend of mine bought a PS3 (I’m sticking to my chipped XBOX 1 Classic until the price falls or I win the Lottery or something), anyhow – a question quickly came to mind, will a PS3 play those video.mkv files (see the DIVX7 post earlier).. 

Sadly no 🙁 the answer seem to be (one less reason to skip the good old XBOX1 – its not powerfull enough to play them but it tries its best), however converting MKV2VOB should be fairly easy (but will the quality still be HD?).

For details take a look at;

wmr160x160During my recovery from the Needhost bankruptcy (my former provider) it would seem a few posts got lost 🙁 annoying as I fear more is lost than I recall 🙁

Anyhow, this one is actually a nice one so I re-post it.

So you want to rip that neat web-cast for offline viewing, well that can be a hard one but; WM Recorder 12

WM Recorder may not look like much but it has proved very powerful and hence worth a look, it actually installs a special driver for capturing the video streams and seem to do a fair job.

I have experienced it to crash from time to time which is annoying, but as I’m on Vista that may be the issue right there (security can be a boggle).

Anyway, if you have other products you use with success let me know..  for now this is the best I have stumbled across.  For YouTube capturing I use which is free and does a fairly good job (including converting to avi).

main_window_thumbnailYet another freeware videoconverter, seems quite ok and supports HD.

At that price give it a spin 😉



We all experience it, find the most interesting web-cast on the new but don’t quite have time to watch it all right now.  When you visit the site a few weeks later, the web-cast is removed and your whole week is ruined :-(

Well maybe not, here is two media stream capture utilities someone recommended, I have not tried them yet but they both are available as trial versions so if you are in need download a trial and see if it solves your streaming nightmare :-)

Well this is not exactely new, but this was the first time I saw it in action, and even though I’m not quite sure how this eventually will be used (who would buy such a thing?), the gadget effect is quite high – the price however is likely to be A LOT higher that my current coffe tabel ;-)