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Windows 10 – Search Highlights

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The ever so helpful Microsoft Corp has decided to assist you with yet another new feature, one or more icons in your searchbar (next to the start menu). So maybe you are an old grumphy man like me that despice changes to the GUI and…

What about your battery – do you need at powerup

Many people have a laptop, and many complain about battery life - but how do you actually KNOW the overall health of your battery? Well, I came across a usefull command that can shed at least some light on the matter. You run the…

I support you Quad9

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Quad9 the free secure DNS service is in trouble and need our help. https://www.quad9.net/letter-of-support-for-quad9-and-freedom-of-dns-resolution/ Explainer If you dont know what Quad9 is, then here is a short explainer. Quad9…

Convert text – uppercase/lowercase/mixedcase/morsecode and what not

So, you recieve this text from someone which they for some reason or other has written in ALL CAPS - *sigh*, what to do - well if it is just a few words then its easy enough, just rewrite the darn thing. But what if it is several pages :-O…

Windows 10 Update – made smarter (preparing for the comming of Windows 11)

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#BlockAutoUpgradeToWindows11 So, at long last someone did something smart with Winwows 10 update.. Not exactly breaking news as it happened a year or so ago, but hey -now I needed it... Anyhow, it is now possible to freeze a Windows…

Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability – CVE-2021-1675 (aka PrintNightmare)

Bad news for the Windows server admins, it would appear that at zero day exploit has surfaced that is extraordinary bad if you have Domain Controllers with the print-spooler service running (eg. printer role). The exploit allow an attacker…

Windows 11 – BSOD to become BSOD

According to people testing the leaked Windows 11 developers build, it seem that the "Blue Screen of Death" is about to become "Black Screen of Death" when we eventually upgrade to Windows 11. The acronym BSOD will remail the same though ;-)…

Cisco AnyConnet – vulnerable

Do you use Cisco AnyConnect VPN? You may want to check up on your build :-O you need at least Release 4.9.00086 https://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-anyconnect-dll-F26WwJW Download fixed build…
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