Tired of converting all your divx/xvid files to dvd in order to view them?

I found a mediacenter that should be able to deal with this for you, even in HD and with hdmi output..

I still use my good old XBOX 1 chipped to use XBMC, but still at a price of only DKK 1.500,- who knows in the new year 🙂 with a hdd the price is a tad higher (note the later models use sata hdd).

It is possible to also insert a DVB TV tuner card, but I am not quite able to determine exactly which format it uses.

Take a look at;


(the official page)

(Danish review, an older tvix version but still)
There is also another brand called mvix (hmm the name somehow looks similar, maybe a cheap ripoff),  I am not sure its as good (it somehow looks a little low budget) but take a look yourself (the link is to a review in pdf format);

Tvix 4100
Picture of a Tvix 4100
(the box model, it also comes in a different design)