Well it would seem that SP3 not only contains improvements for the XP os, there are also a few annoying tweaks 😐

One is the removal of the Address toolbar in the Taskbar, it would appear that MS has been forced to remove this due to legal requirements..  I do agree that MS need to be kept on a ‘short leach’, but damn its annoying when they remove features like that.

Well never fear there are a few workarounds to try before ripping all your hair out.




I opt for trying the restoration of the browseui.dll file from a SP2 CD I386 directory (read 2 for more details), I have yet to try this but it seem plausible.

Another ‘feature’ is the “Mstsc” command where “/Console” has become “/Admin”, annoying like …. but better get use to it as its there to stay in both XP, Vista and 2008 (unknown if it will hit Win 2003 also at some time?).