Now I receive TV via a Cable provider, but many still use their old analog antenna’s on the roof.  In 2009 or 2010 the terrestrial broadcast of analog TV signals will cease in Denmark, and be replaced by purely digital broadcast DVB-T (at least for the national channels), thus the time is right for replacing those old “bird catcher antennas”, but why not make it an aesthetically pleasing experience at the same time!?! – let’s face it antennas are not gennerally that pretty..

Along came www.tertek.dk with a cool antenna to mount on the top of your flagpole 🙂  nifty, the Danish IT magazine www.pcworld.dk tested the product and were very pleased with the result.

One concern I have though, what about lightning?  But hey, they must have thought about that and added a fuse or something..

Video here;