Have you ever tried browsing around accidentally discovering beautiful images/backgrounds or the likes, but not thinking to save them.

Well recently I did, and damn if I could remember the site later (and MY history in IE, well lets just say its huge so that was no help).  I came to think, hey someone MUST have written a utility to inspect your “Temporary Internet files” (IE Cache), you probably know you cant just ‘browse’ down there yourself and get anything meaningful, well anyway, sure enough after a bit of poking around I found a very decent tool (decent because a preview function in this util would have been to die for, but hey this is quite ok).

Get it here (its freeware, yes nice I know);

He has even developed a few other utilities for this area so poke around a bit on his site.  His site is even mentioned earlier in my blog as he also makes some VERY COOL security utilities, and hey it makes sense some of these “Temporary Internet Files” utilities could be used for crude security inspection.