It would seem there is an issue with embedded youtube videos, will my troubbles never end :-(…

If anyone got the inside knowledge on why youtube videos and WordPress 2.7 does not work please let me know 🙁

Just tried with Firefox 3 and there everything worked fine… I do however get the yellow warning sign in IE the lower left corner stating a problem with the page.. but no problems in Firefox.. very strange indeed..

I even tried the procedure described on;
but still not working 🙁

Additional note; I later found out it works ok on a IE6 I have on a virtual machine, I am beginning to suspect foul play (or at least settings) on my IE7.

I today also tried on my work pc, and guess what it worked like a charm.  Thus it would seem the problem is with my IE7 at home 😐  How the f… do you debug that 🙁

I have read and tried a lot of different ideas to solve this, this includes re-installing flash player (for which I was very hopeful) however still no luck.  When I uninstall Flash player a border is shown around the YouTube embedded video, once Flash installed this is removed and replaced by ‘nothing’ a transparent window with no border..  Could it be an IE setting?  Help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry for not mentioning this before, but the issue somehow went away by itself during the end of January / beginning of February, very strange 😐