Just yesterday heard about the new DivX7 which is interesting enough even though i am not much into that (I think I am using Xvid, but am not sure I just installed the Vista Codec Pack and that seem to cover my needs), however more interesting was the DivX7 showcase where they had HD trailers etc for new movies.

It looks like we sci-fi geeks are going to have a blast this year with;

startrekStar Trek 11 Even though it seem to be missing the real Star Trek heroes like Pickard and Data it may still be worth a look.  I am however still a bit pissed at Paramount for canceling Star Trek Enterprise, it was just getting good and I really enjoy the Star Trek universe, hail to Gene Roddenberry.

poster-salvation Terminator Salvation – The last Terminator movie was a bit of a disappointment in my opinion, but I am still likely to give this one a screening even so.