wmr160x160During my recovery from the Needhost bankruptcy (my former provider) it would seem a few posts got lost 🙁 annoying as I fear more is lost than I recall 🙁

Anyhow, this one is actually a nice one so I re-post it.

So you want to rip that neat web-cast for offline viewing, well that can be a hard one but; WM Recorder 12

WM Recorder may not look like much but it has proved very powerful and hence worth a look, it actually installs a special driver for capturing the video streams and seem to do a fair job.

I have experienced it to crash from time to time which is annoying, but as I’m on Vista that may be the issue right there (security can be a boggle).

Anyway, if you have other products you use with success let me know..  for now this is the best I have stumbled across.  For YouTube capturing I use www.vdownloader.es which is free and does a fairly good job (including converting to avi).