utubeIf you enjoy YouTubing with friends and family and your computer is not connected to your tv (or eg. if your TV is not HD, which is true for some us still, sigh) then this has not always been straight forward 😐

YouTube to the rescue with a TV friendly interface to use on your PS3 (what PS3 😉 ), Wii (what Wii? 😉 ) or other console with buildin browser.

To try out the new interface simply launch http://www.youtube.com/TV (note TV appear to be CASE sensitive)..

One thing to note
is that the special TV version of the site cannot be accessed in your PC’s browser without using a special browser add-on like User Agent Switcher, which can trick YouTube into thinking that you’re visiting the site from your console. If you’ve got a Mac Mini hooked up to your TV, this might be your best bet.

Note, interface may look different from console to console.