atlantis3A week ago or so someone via Google Earth located what could have been the greatest scoop of – well I guess ever – the possible remains of the lost city of Atlantis (see picture), it was a large man made structure like shape in the ocean.

Sadly Google has come up with a different less exotic explanation, stating that its actually sonar tracks (yeah, I know sounds strange, but take a look at their blog for a more detailed explanation).

Bummer, it would have been cool finding Atlantis.

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  1. vince
    vince says:

    My hunch is that Atlantis has indeed been found. Based on Plato’s references to the location and geography, and the fact that there are not any tracking anomalies anything like this anywhere else on Google’s seafloor, we would naturally ask for further investigation of this image. It should be noted that the “streets” of this apparently planned area are approximately one quarter to one half mile wide, in other words, they are not streets but channels. This would suggest the “island nation” was composed of many, not one, islands as has been assumed out of Plato’s writings.

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