autorunIf you have ever had problems with autorun files in Windows (within a corporate environment) here is some good news for you. 

If you, in your environment set up a GPO to disable autorun.inf to combat the spread of virus/malware you were likely dissapointed, yes the setting was propogated to the pc’s but it did not stop all autorun.inf’s from executing.  The problem (among other things) had to do with complexities of autorun introduced with of USB devices (before it was only cd and disks).

Anyway, FINNALLY Microsoft has come up with a patch, lets just hope it works out 🙂  I have not had the opputunity to test it yet.

Patch should be introduced via Windows Update, for more details look here;u

Update March 8th 2009, I tested the patch, and it DOES now work on network shares as well, excellent 🙂