2009-06-09_0939Apple launched their new Iphone 3Gs yesterday, the main new features lists; Improved speed (3.6 times faster than the previous model) and a new 3.2 mbit camera with video option.

So will this cut it, well I don’t know, a 3.2 mbit camera seem a bit outdated today and still there is the problem with memory capacity 16gb is not all that much for a device that doubles as a portable video player. Yes I know, you can buy the 32gb model but at a ridiculous price and with no extra features other than more memory – it’s sad that apple could not learn from Creative and HTC and add support for SD cards 🙁

The previous 3G line will have their prices cut, which could mean affordable Iphones (the current pricing in Denmark is just horrific).

In the horizon however is the Sony Ericsson Satio or codename Idou (I wander, is that short for I + a Homer Simpson DOU 😉 )..idou

And this looks interesting, 3.5″ screen and 12mbit camera with a new Symbian os.  Now I have had a few Sony Ericsson phones K608i, K800i and C902, and I just love them (well except that the K800i had a far superior camera compared to the newer c902, but except from that).. But why Symbian OS, I have only tried an earlier verison of the Symbian Os on a Motorola A1000 and its predecessor, I was not that impressed seemed somewhat slow :-/  Hmm, but as I just HATE Windows Mobile maybe it’s still the right choice!?, Nokia seem to have had good experience with it..  So I am looking quite forward to seeing this wonder, though I fear the pricing will be ….. well scary :-/

Sadly judging from this youtube video the touch screen seem sluggish compared to the Iphone :-/ that would be catastrophically, my work phone is a HTC Touch and the touch on that is just horrific.. Guess we will have to wait and see the release version in retail stores before a true comparison is possible.