aiptekI always wanted a video camera, but to be honest have had very little use for one..  But some day I came across’s site and was intrigued by this cheap HD camera, and as it proved to be even cheaper in Denmark and I had just received a small bonus check from my insurance company on just that amount, well I ended up buying one..

So how is it really?  Well it’s small very light weight and I’d say good value for money, it lack optical zoom and the sound could have been slightly better (but it’s not bad at all)..  I’ll see if I can’t record a small demo video and put it up here for you to see some time in the future.  Recording is done in .mov format and thus you need to convert it if you wish to transfer it to DVD, but computerplayback works like a charm with Apple Quicktime (which also let you stick to HD)..  Recording of 1h full hd is 4gb, so I added a 16gb sd card which leaves plenty of space for recording.  All in all I am satisfied.

A few links to news/reviews;

And I bought mine here;
Which was the cheapest store at the time (DKK 1.000,-  €133).

Update; I had some minor problems with video’s I transferred from this camera (they would ‘pixelate’), I actually thought the camera might have been broken – but it turned out to be quite a trivial matter see the explanation here  now video’s transferred from the camera is crisp and sharp..