Ever wanted to know just how long a Windows 2003 server has been running (or rather when it was last restarted)?  In unix and many other os’s you can simply type uptime and hit enter and viola you have the answer, however not in Windows 200x…  But winding time back to the good old Windows NT4 days, Microsoft actually thought of this and created a small commandline that would do just this, however afterwards it was abandoned or forgotten…

But it’s actually still there (if you know where to look), so download it here and put it on your Windows box, and then you can simply goto a command prompt and type uptime 🙂  nice..

Download here;

UPTIME, Version 1.01
(C) Copyright 1999, Microsoft Corporation

Uptime [server] [/s ] [/a] [/d:mm/dd/yyyy | /p:n] [/heartbeat] 
[/? | /help] server  Name or IP address of remote server to process.
/s  Display key system events and statistics. 
/a  Display application failure events (assumes /s). 
/d:  Only calculate for events after mm/dd/yyyy. 
/p:  Only calculate for events in the previous n days. 
/heartbeat  Turn on/off the system's heartbeat 
/? Basic usage. /help  Additional usage information.