vlcp1You likely already know about VLC player from VideoLan.org?  It is a nifty little player that has several cool features, like; it is free, it has build in codex’es and oh yeah it is free 😉

The really cool thing about VLC is that it come with build in codex’es, this is clever because it is often here mediaplaying go wrong, a user simply does not have the right codex and can not display a mediaclip, many PC users have downloaded a codex pack – however your old aunt Oda have not and cant watch the videoclips you put on your website..  Well VLC deal with this by integrating the codexes, this way you wont have to think about it.

In the past the VLC player had one drawback, it was ugly and un userfriendly, however in the first final (it has been in beta for many years now) version this seem to be fixed..  the player looks nice and is easy to navigate..

Download it here;

Just before I was about to post this I was informed about another player very similar;kmplayer
http://kmplayer.en.softonic.com/ KMPlayer
looks very nice (possibly even a bit better than VLC, so give it a spin also)..