yubikeySo I just received my YubiKey II in the mail yesterday, it’s quite nice not as pretty as the original YubiKey but way more robust.

What is a Yubikey you ask, well that is complicated to explain, but basically it’s a token that will generate one time passwords – you can hence use it to login to websites and services (that of cause need to support the Yubikey), the cool thing here is that with “One time passwords” you do not need to fear that someone steals your password (malware, virus or keylogger) as you get a new password every time you use the key to login..

It’s way cool, and quite easy to implement on your own website or in your own software as there are numerous public API’s available..

The company behind and their description of the key

Various videos on the Yubikey

A technical walk through of the Yubikey
Security Now – Episode #143 – 08 May 2008 – 84 min.

Developers look here

Update; 2010 January
Coupon/discount code available here;