Microsoft-Security-EssentialsThe long awaited “Microsoft Security Essentials” is released 🙂  and as the beta looked promising and the company I work for has been using “Forefront Client Security” (the corporate version) for a year now, I was looking forward to trying this out…

I fired up my browser and went to ““, however as I live in Denmark I was met by this message;

Not available in your country or region
You appear to be in a country or region where
Microsoft Security Essentials is not available.
Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Security Essentials.

Shown in 9 languages (of cause not in Danish), well bummer…   However as I have access to a US proxy I just changed the proxy settings and things brightened up 🙂  So I am now the happy ‘owner’ of “Microsoft Security Essentials”, the thing about this is it’s free 😀

Should you want to check this product out, just direct your browser to;

And should you get the same annoying message stating that it is ‘Not available in your country’, then you might want to take a look at;  TorProject is mostly an anonymity solution that allows you to browse without being tracked by IP etc, however they also offer the possibility to select which breakout/proxy you wish to use, and here you can select a US breakout and you can fool the MS server into letting you download all the same – you may also need to modify your IE settings to show a US regional code etc. but it should all be possible..

Want more details and maybe a review?
Visit here;


You may be able to download MSE from here even if you are not in the US 🙂