logo_main1I have before talked about Online backup, and now a new player has entered the arena https://www.carbonite.com. Well new and new, it would appear to have existed for some time, but I just recently heard about it.  Pricing is very similar to Idrive. 

I have not tested this service yet, but a quick comparison to the previous favorite (www.idrive.com) lists these pros and cons;

Unlimited backup (not like Idrive where unlimited equals a fair use limit of 150GB, I never understood this)

Data can be decrypted by the hosting company. This WILL require a subpoena, but never the less data CAN be decrypted, in the case of www.Idrive.com you can set your own encryption key for TOTAL privacy – for most this is not an issue, but if you are concerned about privacy this may be a dealbreaker, furthermore there is the issue of national law – what is legal to store in Denmark (where I live) may not be legal in the USA and vice versa eg. copyrighted music – having total privacy does tend to keep my mind at ease about such matters.

It is interesting, but for now I think I’ll stay at www.idrive.com mainly because of the privacy issue, and besides I have already uploaded about 110 gb data *sigh* the thought of restarting the process can kill any initiative 😉

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  1. Klapkagemand
    Klapkagemand says:

    Before you chose an online back-up provider, you should ask friends or workmates about their experience.
    Stick to some of the big players on the marked like Dropbox, SugarSync or Mozy etc.
    All of them are good with their individual advances/disadvances.
    I’m using SugarSync and it works very good.
    Where I live there are often fluctuation in bandwidth and interruption of connection, which is no problem for Sugar Sync.
    If the connection cuts during an upload, it will catch up where it stoped when it is connected again (this can be a problem by some providers).
    Beside a good provider you get free 5GB storage and 500MB bonus for every friend you make sign up.
    If you want to try it out then sign up, using below link.
    We will then both get 500MB extra if you sign up for the Free 5GB or 10GB extra on any of the paid-for services!

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