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Under Windows Vista and now Windows 7 I quite often experience problems with locked files, eg. I have worked with a file previously and now want to delete it just to be told that this is impossible as the file is in use, I have not found any explanations to this – my own guess is that it could have something to do with poorly written applications (that does not free files correctly) but this is pure guesswork.

Anyhow, it is very annoying to have to reboot the machine to be able to delete a file, and of cause this is often not necessary – Lockhunter to the rescue..  Lockhunter is a free utility to unlock these locked files, it works like this; you install lockhunter, right click on a locked file and selects “Unlock….”, you will go through a wizard to help unlock the file and viola problem solved you can delete the file.

My previous post on the subject regarded; Unlocker a similar tool, however Lockhunter seem a bit more informative (tell you what process is locking the file) and Lockhunter has a 64bit version.

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  1. kb
    kb says:

    Thanks Mike for sharing!

    PS: I was using for such purpose UnlockerTool

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