screenshotproxyImagine this; You are at a public wifi spot, and they have locked down what pages you may visit by simple DNS or URL filtering, and you just have to visit where one of your friends have send you this important file!?  What to do?  Well actually you have to do this before you wind up in this mess, but once it’s done you can use it anywhere anytime to combat situations like this.

The thing you are looking for is PHProxy and the link is;

Basically what this will do is to setup a proxy website that you can browse through, easy as pie.

You need a server or webhotel that supports PHP, you upload the PHProxy files (about 3 files is all it takes), and once you connect to the site where these files are hosted you get your own Proxy start page. It works like this, once you enter the URL on the PHProxy start page then the server on where the PHProxy php files are stored will go get your page for you and display it, from your end it looks like you are just visiting (the name of the site where you uploaded the PHProxy files) while the content on this site is actually Rapidshare, Facebook or whatever is blocked.

It is utterly simple to setup and use, mind you though not all pages work perfectly with this solution 🙁 but what can you expect from 3 php files 🙂  never the less it is simple, free and work for your basic pages.