So you would like to extract some files from an Install Shield (IS) installer package you have, you may as I just need a few driver files from a package.

Well first you try the extract command from Windows (as some of the Install Shield files come as .cab files) however you quickly discover that the files are not compatible with the Windows .cab files.  WinRar is often good at extracting all sorts of files, but not the IS files. You can forget all about -e or -x for extract that does not work either.

But there is a way, you need an utility called “ISCabVu.exe”, sadly this utility is not just lying around on the net, so you need to do a bit of fiddling around to get hold of it.. 

1. Download an evaluation copy of Install Shield (any never version will likely do, do go for the latest).
2. Install it (if you don’t want to pollute your system use SandboxIE (requires 32bit os)).
3. Copy the files under “Program Files\InstallShield\2010\System” to a different location.
4. Now just run the “ISCabVu.exe” file.
5. You may be able to thin out this directory (150mb) but this may take some time and may not be worth your time.

Now the extract part is easy, see image below;

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  1. Pedro Torres
    Pedro Torres says:


    I have to install old drivers and always get an Installshield iKernel error. Since the driver can’t be obtained without the Installshield Setup.exe (i have to blame Dell for this) I am without sound. Installshield (i.e the company that acquired them) doesn’t offer a (working) solution I have been trying to find a manual way of opening the .cab files and installing the drivers myself.

    I am not alone. Researching the problem, I have found 100s of people with the same problem.

    If this work I will spread the word. Thank you very much for the advise.

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