I just spend a few hours browsing around Ebay for interesting gadgets, and actually found a few;

First up, I actually ordered one of these – a SATA HDD docking station;

Now this is clever, now I got both a card reader AND a HDD cradle, what need do you have for a HDD cradle you say?  Well now you can buy cheap SATA HDD’s and easily copy data to them for storage (no need for bulky cases and power supplies)..  Quite easy and simple..  and cheap as well I got this for about £ 17,-

Having problems with reception or just going war-driving?  Well this gadget/wifi reciever claim up to 1000 feet coverage.  Not something I need, but interesting never the less.

Hand size wireless keyboard for Media Centers, PS3, XBox 360 etc.

A cool small keyboard for your PS3 or mediacenter..  If I ever get around to either I would consider one of these for sure 🙂