I actually thought I had written this post long ago, but it would seem it somehow slipped my mind.

Anyhow, have you ever found yourself running out of diskspace – wandering what the h… is eating up all your diskspace… most have and it can be a complex matter to find that strange .zip or .log file (or whatnot file) that is floating around somewhere and taking up hundreds if not thousands of megabytes.

The solution is a cool freeware util Windirstat that will convert your drives filestructure to a graphical display, here you can just click on the large objects and see which file it is and thus quickly find those large files that is taking up space..

Sure there are other util’s like this, some may even be better I don’t know – but this one is simple, small, free and works..


a fairly good alternative is;
this works much the same way just with a pie chart instead, and as I recall requires java installed.

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  1. binaryman
    binaryman says:

    Directory Report is another GUI tool that shows the folder sizes. It looks like the MS-Explorer but shows the folder size in bytes (No confusing colored blocks)

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Actually I kind of like the “confusing” colored blocks, it makes it easy to get a quick overview, and PLUS WinDirStat is free 🙂 But sure, Directory Report also seem useful..

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