I was beginning to consider shifting my old trusty Sony Ericsson cell phone with a smart phone, basically I do not NEED one but as it is annoying me that I can’t use my IPOD Touch online when I’m out, and thus I am playing with the thought of going smartphone (also to stop my brothers wife from seeing me as a neanderthal for not having a smart phone ;-)).

Should it be an IPhone 4 or the HTC Desire that is one of the big questions, one that likely can’t be answered before the Iphone hits the stores..

One thing however that seemed cool to me was when I heard that the HTC phones could be used as WIFI hotspots, basically this would mean that you could (not that I would) skip your broadband at home and just use your phone as your wifi hotspot…  Sadly it would seem that this requires some kind of hacking/jailbraking/rooting your phone which does not seem too appealing..

One thing that seem to way for the Iphone is the option to buy a fully featured ‘offline’ GPS suite (not using 3G data connection), sure HTC has Google navigation but I dare you to use it when abroad 🙁 you’ll be ruined as a result of the map data transfer..  and there does not seem to be any ‘offline’ GPS software for the Android phones!? (well this is not 100% true, there is something called http://www.mgmaps.com which caches Google maps, but from reading about it it does not seem convincing)..

Anyway, I’m still thinking 🙂

Here’s something about the ‘Rooting’ you need to do to get an Android phone to work as a WIFI hotspot (tethering);


Christian and Rhys was kind enough to inform me that there does indeed exist several GPS solutions for Android (see comments)..
Eg. http://www.alk.eu.com/copilot/android/


It would seem that an update to Android 2.2 will offer some cool things to the Desire, it should allow for the phone to be used as a HotSpot (Yeah) and allow video recording in 720p (HD)… Very interesting indeed..

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  1. Christian
    Christian says:

    There are several offline GPS solutions for Android.
    Motonav and Navigon just to mention a few

  2. Rhys
    Rhys says:

    I am running Copilot on Mine, 33 Pounds from Android market.. Its great.

  3. Conor
    Conor says:


    My computer is in the loft of our house, and the router is 3 floors below resulting in virtually no Wi-Fi connection. if i got a hold of an offline gps suite would i be able to connect to my wifi using the phone bypassing the 3g? i used the htc desire hotspotting and it gave my computer full signal
    cheers 😀


  4. Kadir
    Kadir says:

    Hello Conor, is htc desire hotspotting free if u got a full internet on your mobile?I want to cancel my other internet for my home. If its free. Thanks all.

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hi Conor.

    Not sure what you mean by an offline GPS suite?

    And Kadir, sure if you have a flat rate data plan with your Desire if not then it will likely be terrible expensive. In Denmark flat rate data plans are much more expensive than cable or adsl unless you buy a new phone, in wich case there is usually a flat rate data plan “attached” for the first 6 months.


  6. Mik
    Mik says:

    hi guys,
    could someone has any idea about how to change wifi channel in HTC desire?

    • Mike
      Mike says:

      Good question 🙂 sadly I sold my Android and is on an iPhone now 🙁 My guess, if the setting is not available via the menu button, is that it is automatic and can’t be set manually, but it is only a guess as I have no phone to try it on 🙁


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