Now this fall under the category, easy solutions to complex problems…

I recently had to remove about 150 computer objects from a MOM 2005 console, it was not possible to select all and choose remove so you had to right click each and every one of them – click “remove” and then answer “Yes” to the “Are you sure….” dialog…  Now imagine how long this would take to do manually!?  Well you could probably do some scripting that would solve the problem – however that would require some research to find, test and then implement..  but then it struck me, a flashback from back in Windows 3.1 where you had a macro recorder, this macro recorder would allow you to record keyboard and mouse actions and then play it back as many times as you would like (I remember making a macro sending emails and thus spamming some of my fellow students, great fun at the time), now someone must have made a freeware tool that will do this under modern versions of Windows, and sure enough – “Do it again” to the rescue…  “Do it Again” will allow you to make macros and play them back as many times as you’d like, it’s free and easy to use..

1. Get the util from here;

2. Install it

3. Start “Do it again” and click “create new task” and perform the task you want repeated.

4. Press “Scroll lock” (the button) once you are done with your task.

5. Name the macro in “Do it again” (a dialog box will pop up).

6. Under options set the number of times you want the task to repeat

7. Double click the macro you just created

8. Sit back in amazement and watch someone else making all the hard work for you, now it will still take time but you can sit back and drink coffee while it does.. NICE..  a simple solution to a time consuming problem…

Sadly I found out this does NOT work on Vista/Win7 🙁 – bummer, however I guess there will be some other util out there that will…

I just found a util  “Windows Macro Recorder” that claims to work on all windows versions, same concept as the above;