So I bought a new LCD TV for my bedroom, the old Sony 21″ 4.3 TV had finished it’s tour of duty.

I ended up with a LG 22LU5000 22″ LCD tv YouTube video here, mainly because of the price I have to say (DKK 1.750,- aprox € 233)..  So how is it?; well picture quality is a big thumbs up, the menu system is fair (I miss being able to name the channels myself) but the sound is dreadful (yes it really suck when it come to sound, it’s something they call invisible speaker …..  yeah, it almost sounds like they forgot to include a speaker)…  Oh well, as mentioned the price is very fair and it is only for my bedroom, so I guess I can live with a bit poorer sound.

What however proved to be really cool and a total surprise was that the tv/firmware was hackable, it allowed for a hack that enabled a USB mediaplayer within the tv..  So now I can plug a usb disk into the service USB port on the TV and play xvid, divx and mkv files 🙂  now that’s cool…  I had even bought a WD TV Mini for that job (before I learned about the hack) but hey I guess I can use that in the living room 🙂

If you have a LG tv, take a look here, maybe your model is equally hackable 🙂 cool…