So I ended up buying the HTC Wildfire phone and am very happy with the buy.  Rather quickly I installed CoPilot a GPS navigation software which is fairly cool, however it was annoying that I had nowhere to put the phone in the car, if I tried to leave it on the dashboard it would fall over or whatnot.

Anyway a bit of googling ended up with something called a “Dash Genie”, a universal phone mount for your car.  It works quite simply by having a VERY sticky red dot on the holder that will “glue” your phone so it won’t rummit around (see the video clip) and a suction cup for your dashboard or window.  It works perfectly, there ishowever however a minor annoyance – for some reason the mount interfere somehow with the touch screen of my phone (yeah I know it sounds strange, but true never the less) – I think it is because the elastic capacity of the mount, anyway you may need to hold the phone steady with one hand when operating the phone – but hey minor annoyance.

From what I can tell it will work with almost any phone smartphone or regular alike.

I got mine here;