I was getting tired of the constant disk activity on my workstation, I have  1.5TB diskspace on it and Windows search seems to enjoy joyriding these disks as if it was surfing on sunny beach..

Anyhow, I figured out how to turn the darn thing off, however that had some dire results – disabling search means COMPLETELY removing all search capabilities, I was stunned after the reboot – F3 did no longer work, Win+F did not work and all search boxes was removed.  Under WinXP disabling Windows search just meant that your search was not indexed, but that is in the past, believe me Windows won’t work without Windows Search..

So my next assignment is to figure out how to minimize the disksurfing, it must be possible..  a lot of my HDD space is stuffed with files that only rarely changes and thus updating the index of these ought not to be nessesary.  If you have any good tips on how to minimize the constant indexing let me know 🙂

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