NOTE: 2023.02.22 – This feature has long ago been discontinued by – post left for historic reasons

You may recognize the domain;

from URL’s, it’s used by what is called URL shorteners – basically a simple/short link to a link.  Let’s say you wanted to call a friend on the phone and explain to him how to reach this website;  now that would take time to explain over a voice line!?  Well along came URL shorteners(eg., TinyURL, SnipURL and others) and allowed you to convert the link to a short and friendly link and thus can become  and when you enter this shorter link into your browser then it redirects to ….

Anyway this is all old news.

What is new is that now offers to bundle several links into one shortened URL!?
may all be embedded/bundled into just one link

Now that is really cool 🙂