I heard of this service on a pod-cast, the judgment was not overly enthusiastic due to the pricing but from what I could understand the service does what it promises to do.

So the ONE thing that it does seem very useful for is the “one time credit card” option, basically what this does is to create a temporary creditcard number that you can then use for your online purchase, once this transaction is done the creditcard number is revoked.  This is great if you need to order something from a dodgy site that you do not fully trust, your own creditcard is never revealed to the site you are buying from and thus should they later try to charge you extra they are out of luck.  This service would from what I can tell cost you a fee of US$ 2 or 2½ per creditcard number (if you use the as-you-go plan), I think it’s an ok price for an online purchaece “insurance”.


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