This is clever, I don’t need it and can’t see that I ever will – but it’s still clever..

You may have heard about technologies like JBOD (Just a bunch of disks)which allow you to link a bunch of harddrives you have into one driveletter.  The upside is that you can ‘reuse’ those old drives you have lying around (normal RAID configurations require that disks be of the same size as a minimum), the downside is that there is NO redundancy/security in JBOD.

Drive Bender is similar to JBOD, it will allow you to link together free diskspace from a bunch of different drives into one single volume.  One thing that is slightly different and potentially clever is that the technology is “non-intrusive” meaning that it will not destroy the existing filesystem (NTFS) – it will simply store it’s files on the existing filesystem (as I understand the technology), you should even be able to access files on the disks without going through Drive Bender.

As mentioned I can’t think of a sittuation where I personally would need this, that however does not make it less clever 😀

Right now it’s in a beta state and by invite only, so you’ll have to sign up for the next beta round.

Pricing is not revealed, one could hope it would be free 🙂