Anyone should have a smoke alarm installed, I actually have 5 in my apartment. However we may all have tried placing one too near the kitchen and thus having it triggered by some “heavy doing cooking” :-/ real annoying.

Well someone has actually addressed this issue (First Alert Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm) and created a clever hybrid of the standard smoke detector, if the alarm is triggered then all you need to do is to grab ANY ir remote control point it at the smoke alarm and press any key, immediately this will silence the smoke alarm, thus it does not matter that the smoke alarm is in a very high-difficult-to-reach place.. how sweet is that 😀 you can even ‘ask’ the smoke alarm how the battery status is via an IR remote as well. Real cool I’d say 🙂

I just did a quick search and you can get it here (among other places likely);

Video demo;