Many people have a laptop, and many complain about battery life – but how do you actually KNOW the overall health of your battery?

Well, I came across a usefull command that can shed at least some light on the matter.

You run the command;

powercfg /batteryreport

this in turn will generate a HTML file:


and this file actually has some usefull info. You scroll down to “Battery capacity history”

you look at the top “Design capacity” and scroll down and look at “Full charge capacity”, this will give you some indication on the overall health.

There are other “indicators” like “Battery life estimates”, however personally I put more credibility on the “Battery capacity” as the below show is “estimates”. But all in all you should in this HTML report be able to ascertain at lease some indication as to the health of your battery.

The command “powercfg” has some additional parameters you may want to mess around with as well, I have not looked closely at those however.