So I found myself having to add subtitles to a videofile, however there were a few kinks. I had the .SRT file that matched, BUT the videoclip already had subtitles burned in in another language, and the .SRT subtitles were just overlaid these burned in subtitles which made both unreadable. My thought were to raise the .SRT subtitle so it was above the burned in one, however this was easier said than done, Handbrake supports importing subtitles and allow for burn in – however it does not allow for placement or other adjustments.

After a bit of googling I came up with this;

This excellent software (free) will allow you to do all sorts of things with subtitle files.

and you likely already know the video conversion utility Handbrake (also free)

What I ended up doing was;

Importing the SRT file into Aegissub

Setting the vertical offset to 50 (just above the other subtitle)

Changing the font color and border blur

Saving as an .ASS file

Opening the video file in Handbrake

Switch to the subtitle tab (4)

Import the .ass file (5)

Selecting “burn in” to make it embed into the video file (6)

And then encode the file

Viola, done and perfect result.