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Hak5 – If you have not been living under a rock then you will have heard about Hak5, they are the guys with the WiFi Pineapple, the lan turtle and other offensive IT-security stuff. HAK5 is a strange bunch, I recall in the VERY beginning they were a bunch of guys experimenting with burning laptops with termite, then moved on to hardcore IT-security stuff – inventing and promoting the WiFi Pineapple and then turning into … well not quite sure, today only David Kitchen appear to be hanging on from way back then, although Snubs has been there for quite a while also. Their hardware is still state of art, but the channel is a bit “out of focus”, it is sort of a news channel – kind of.. Anyhow, there is still a lot of great content, I just feel the quality is shifting. Do check it out..