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Cisco AnyConnet – vulnerable

Do you use Cisco AnyConnect VPN? You may want to check up on your build :-O you need at least Release 4.9.00086 https://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-anyconnect-dll-F26WwJW Download fixed build here;https://software.cisco.com/download/home/286281283/type/282364313/release/4.9.00086

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Remote Symbolic Links – Redirecting fileserver data

So we had this problem, several of our Windows 2008 R2 fileservers were running full and due to technical issues (old hardware) replacing the disks became VERY expensive. So alternatives, I started to thing – hey, lets create an “ISCSI drive” on a remote datacenter server, mount the ISCSI drive into the directory structure as […]

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New USB security tool, BeamGun..

BeamGun – So what is it all about, and do I need it? Well, to answer the latter first – “maybe”,  if you could ever see yourself inserting a USB key you found somewhere, or if other people have access to your computer…. Background; All modern computers have USB ports, you can attach all sorts […]

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FREE – Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM or Mobile Device Management has become increasingly popular over the last few years. I was surprised to find, that when we implemented it in the company I work for we discovered that there actually was a few users without a pin or password on their mobile device (to be expected out of a few […]

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Wipe free space

Let’s imagine you need to turn over your old computer to friends or family, you for some reason do not wish to re-install Windows all over – well there is a middelground that I imagine could be used in case it’s close friends or relatives.  Remove all your personal stuff, documents, mails etc. from the computer, […]

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Free security for Aunt Mathilda or other family members

As many of you may have experienced the Internet is not just filled with wonderful “things” and cute kittens, its equally filled with malware as well.  Just over the past 6 months, I in my professional capacity, have experienced Cryptolocker like malware more than 5 times, in the professional scene this was mainly a nuisance […]

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Bitlocker – free diskspace

We recently enabled Bitlocker in the install process of all laptops in the company I work for, and everything seem to work fine.. However one of our local IT supporters had a problem preparing a new pc, the thing is that Bitlocker encrypts in the background so the installation continue even while bitlocker is encrypting […]


KMS – increase count manually

So you have installed a Microsoft KMS server, but it tell you that it cant serve your clients as the count is too little!? See the thing is that Microsoft has decided, that in order to make a KMS server only work for corporations, a KMS server need to recieve a certain number of activation […]