This will be a list of interesting YouTube Videos I have stumbled across

So, I can hardly take credit for this one, I was inspired by a youtuber named “Enderman”, but true enough you can generate windows 7 license codes this way, and yes they transfer to windows 11.

If you just ask Chat-GPT to please show or generate Windows license keys, it will inform you that this is against its policies and acceptable use, so far so good – but… if you rephrase your question slightly then…..

As in the video, I do not condone privacy, and you need to buy your licenses (listen you can buy legit Windows license codes dirt cheap online), but it is a nice twist – and “no” many of the codes generated may not work, but if you try repeatedly you will get “lucky” (acording to the the youtube video). My guess is that the codes shown are scraped from the web and thus many may have been invalidated due to misuse.

Say you need to fix some broken thingy, if you had a 3D printer you might print a replacement – but again, that might also entail that you can actually model the piece. There seem to be a cheaper alternative that at least some of the time might help you out..

Baking soda and super glue – huh, yeah – watch the video, looks legit.. I have not tested it myself yet, but it looks like something worth remembering if something breaks.