It is now more than just rumours, Netflix will be setting up shop in Denmark – Lovely, although I do fear that it will be a LIGHT version as the European right holders are notorious for being greedy and thus the titles online will likely be a lot smaller than the US version.

Anyhow, I just realized that there are actually services like Netflix for both Magazines and Games;
Is a gaming portal where you can “stream” your games, the game is actually run on the companies server and thus you only get the video streamed.  You can sign up for a package that will contain a bunch of games, not as attractive as Netflix but still for younger kids maybe still worth while – you can also get a settop box and controller so you can play on your livingroom tv.  Sadly of course its US only 😐  but with a VPN service and a little ingenuity you should be able to bypass this..
Is for Magazines what Netflix is for video, here you can pay a monthly fee and get access to a bunch of magazines. Sadly of course its US only 😐  but with a VPN service and a little ingenuity you should be able to bypass this..

Have you ever played the various flight simulators out there, there is a good chance you have..  Now many of these are excellent, and have you ever wanted to try one of the real flight simulators with hydraulics and what not?  Sure who haven’t..

Well take a look at this, it is an attempt to make a FPS (First Person Shooter) simulator.  Awesome – the perfect winter project, although you will need some space and likely also to empty your savings account 😉

Cool none the less..

Long version;


You may, as I have missed the news about a new XBox 360!?  Well, here is a preview;

We have all heard about the Wii, and some even of project Natal for the Xbox 360.  But news to me was that Sony is rattling their sable in this scene also and preparing a motion controlled controller to theirPS3 (much like the Wii controller just light controlled instead).  My friend René showed me this cool video clip where you can see what is installed for PS3 owners, it does look really cool indeed.

ps3slimSony has announced that PS3 will be released in a new slim version (33% smaller), the new version is reduced in size by using newer components that use less energy and thus enabling smaller cooling etc.

Price for the new model is suggested at; $299 with a 120gb hdd which is cheaper than the old version.

Nice, but if Microsoft did the same to their XBOX360 and added a blueray drive (why the f… have they not done this yet!!) I think that would be way cooler.  PS3 games are way too expensive..


So if you are bored during lunchbreak direct your browser towards; and take Quake Live for a test spin. 

It’s based upon the popular Quake games from the past, but it looks like computers now are so powerfull that a simple browser is enough to execute a cool fps game.. neat..

It’s free which is my favorite price for fun..





Wall mount for plasma
I was just browsing for the Philips amBX speaker solution (basically an ambilight solution for the pc, which I btw found out is hideously expensive) when I stumbled over this cool do-it-yourself project for next winter (a backlit livingroom wallmount for your lcd/plasma), have a look at;

for a demo on the more expensive buy-it-ready amBX solution for your pc, visit youtube;

Now as everyone else I have heard of WOW (World of Warcraft), Second Life and the list go on and on, but with a ‘First Life’ to take care of my time to explore such universes are limited.

Anyway I stumbled across a reference to a YouTube video that I simply had to share with you, maybe a good reason to keep out of wow 😉

Just shows that online computing can be a hazard to your mental state 😉 *lol*, but hey its cool that someone actually has the time and energy to really get it under their skin, shame I did not invent WOW man they must be earning a mean $ or two these days.

Bought two new games today, don’t quite know when I’ll have time to play them 😐 but was in the mood for some heavy destruction.

Call of duty 4 & World In Conflict.

Played the demo of the latter yesterday, scary graphics…  think my pc might just be getting out of date, especially my GFX card..  my present card just passes the minimum requirements.

Oh well, its soon Christmas, maybe Santa will be generous 😉