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According to people testing the leaked Windows 11 developers build, it seem that the “Blue Screen of Death” is about to become “Black Screen of Death” when we eventually upgrade to Windows 11. The acronym BSOD will remail the same though 😉 – Source:

glaxitianWell, if you ever watched scifi movies then you know of one of the first issues in communication with an alien species is language, infact we do not even need to go into space to have this issue – event though English has become sort of a universal language here on earth it can still be a problem to communicate with people from different countries, they may not know English or be very bad at it – so you are back to hand gestures and drawings.  Now hand gestures and drawing may be great fun if you have ample time and the spirit is high, but in a pinch it’s not the best way to go.

If you have ever watched Star Trek you know they have this wonderful gadget – the Universal Translater – a contraption that translates alien languages in real time…  Well, it’s no longer as far fetched as it sounds 😀  Skype to the rescue, Skype has been working on a near real time vocal translation addon to their popular communications software, and now they have something to show for it – it may still be in the very early stage but it’s a first step in the right direction.  Links below to a narrative on this as well as a youtube clip.

YouTube video;

Some other fun site on the same subject.

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The thing with the space key – I am sad to admit I did not know 🙁  so I learned something new today 🙂

One of the sentences we remember from many sci-fi films and series are “fire phasers”, and along comes a bright laser beam that obliorates the enemy.

Well there has been some Military implementations of lasers to planes etc. where attempts have been made to target missiles etc. however none very spectacular or portable.  Today however I read about something really cool, a somewhat portable laser that was capable of;

1. Cutting a matal pole at 1 km distance

2. Tracking and shooting down several drones at 2 km distance (flying at more than 50 meters per second)

3. Detecting tracking and shooting down a “Falling solid object” 82mm in diameter (mimicing a motar round)

It would appear that “Fire Phasers” will not be restricted to Sci-Fi movies in the future, I am looking forward to owning my own ray-gun 😀

For more information refer to the link below to the press release regarding the Rheinmetall’s HEL weapon.


It is now more than just rumours, Netflix will be setting up shop in Denmark – Lovely, although I do fear that it will be a LIGHT version as the European right holders are notorious for being greedy and thus the titles online will likely be a lot smaller than the US version.

Anyhow, I just realized that there are actually services like Netflix for both Magazines and Games;
Is a gaming portal where you can “stream” your games, the game is actually run on the companies server and thus you only get the video streamed.  You can sign up for a package that will contain a bunch of games, not as attractive as Netflix but still for younger kids maybe still worth while – you can also get a settop box and controller so you can play on your livingroom tv.  Sadly of course its US only 😐  but with a VPN service and a little ingenuity you should be able to bypass this..
Is for Magazines what Netflix is for video, here you can pay a monthly fee and get access to a bunch of magazines. Sadly of course its US only 😐  but with a VPN service and a little ingenuity you should be able to bypass this..

Well for fans of the “Back to the future” films things are getting a bit blurry, scientists seem to be getting closer to time travel.  We are nowhere near sending a car and persons back and forth in time, but messages does not seem improbable in time – not less than 14-15 obstacles must be overcome first however, so no need to start writing those messages to your grand-grand-grand-grand kids 😉

Read more here;

Create and edit video’s directly on your Iphone, two applications reviewed Imovie &  Reel director (both at 4.99$)..  plus a few reviews and how to connect your laptop to your tv, and finnaly a look at how much SAR (radiation) your smartphone is spitting into your brain!?

Reel Director looked REAL cool, but why the fu.. cant you access your music files!?!?!  SILLY…

Adobe is making the next version of their “Content Aware Fill” feature in Photoshop even more intelligent, this will allow you to edit out even complex structures from pictures and this without advanced knowledge of photo editing.

See the video for a demonstration, it is quite amazing.