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It has been quite some time since I was an MS-DOS keyboard warrior, but now I see there is a way back (sort of) because now there’s even a web browser for MS-DOS.

Who comes up with these ideas? Nonetheless, kudos to the developer! I salute you. Now, how about a C64 version?

So, I can hardly take credit for this one, I was inspired by a youtuber named “Enderman”, but true enough you can generate windows 7 license codes this way, and yes they transfer to windows 11.

If you just ask Chat-GPT to please show or generate Windows license keys, it will inform you that this is against its policies and acceptable use, so far so good – but… if you rephrase your question slightly then…..

As in the video, I do not condone privacy, and you need to buy your licenses (listen you can buy legit Windows license codes dirt cheap online), but it is a nice twist – and “no” many of the codes generated may not work, but if you try repeatedly you will get “lucky” (acording to the the youtube video). My guess is that the codes shown are scraped from the web and thus many may have been invalidated due to misuse.

So, you recieve this text from someone which they for some reason or other has written in ALL CAPS – *sigh*, what to do – well if it is just a few words then its easy enough, just rewrite the darn thing. But what if it is several pages :-O

Well, there likely is some function in word or notepad++ I dont know about, but there is ALSO a site (there is almost always a site)..

I mean, who would not LOVE to get their text back in “Morse Code” 😉


Need some inspiration on your Disaster plan at work?

Well Dilbert surely has one for you 😉

You might be one of those people that have occasionally been using Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Gimp or some other graphics editor to clean up a picture every now and then – but to be honest how often do you need software like that?  Only rarely right, well – I just stumbled across a great online resource for this, it’s a free service that lets you edit a picture/photo or may just pimp it up with some effects..

Basically there are three editors available, one classic editor (like Photoshop, PaintShop Pro etc.), one to create cool collages and finally one to add effects (like make a photo look old, modify the colors etc.).

If you ever used any of the above mentioned programs this site will be a breeze, if not then the two last tools will still be piece of cake to use.


Below a few examples.

collage1 2013-11-20_13h52_33

Remember it’s free, fun and easy..

The default site is;

The advanced editor directly is;

OMG I am just looking forward to these Google Glasses, I really think this will have a huge impact on our daily life over time..  like Augmented reality etc.

Sadly I do fear that V1.0 likely may be a bit buggy and expensive..

The thing with the space key – I am sad to admit I did not know 🙁  so I learned something new today 🙂

Normally Palace Guards are quite patient, but enough is enough 🙂

Why not brighten your day by being mentioned on the CNN front page or what not, here is how to show all your friends, your wife, your kids or anyone for that matter how to become an instant media attraction.

All you need is an InternetExplorer 8 webbrowser and the development tools (installed by default as far as I know), then you are set to go.  This prank will allow you to “simulate” changes to the text and graphics on ANY web-site, good enough to fool most 🙂

See how here;