We all know IP Telephony (voip), there is a bunch of apps out there for both PC and mobile devices that does this (like Skype eg.), well the drawback is that in order to use it the person you wish to call also need to have the same app and have it running to accept your call.

Well Viber is a new twist to this situation..

What you do is to install this Viber – http://www.viber.com  app onto your phone, and you ask your friends to do the same, now whenever you call a person that has Viber installed the call is automatically routed to VOIP instead of a regular call.




  • It’s free
  • You may save money on your calls (especially if calling people abroad)


  • Well if we both need to have this installed why not just use Skype? Well this function 100% in the background, you just call people as you normally would – hence no need to start-up skype and dial your contact – it’s convenient most of all
  • Data – VOIP uses data and some places data may be more expensive than calling people, also it’s unknown/untested how this perform in poorly connected regions/areas, but you can always fallback to regular calls I guess

Available here for most platforms;


I have waited a LONG time for an untethered jailbreak for IOS 5, and it seem this was released in December 2011.

Sadly I need to jailbreak my iPhone in order to run certain programs not approved by Apple, it is sad that people do not get to choose what they want to install on my iPhone but have to rely on what the Steve Jobs mob think is good for them.

Well anyhow, now you can jailbreak it and choose yourself 🙂  I’ll have to get around to doing this sometime soon, but as mine is already jailbroken it seem there is some work in this, but with a version of 4.2 (as I recall) it is about time 🙂  hope it will speed the thing up a bit also, it seem to have become a bit sluggish over time :-/

Read more here (and get what you need);