Education stuff

OfficialAchievementCertificateA friend of mine just joined an online Android course at the University of Meryland, from what he tell me it is actually really good.  So I did some peeking and ended up finding a source of online courses;

Among the courses I managed to find one of personal interest, it’s in Crypto – sadly it had already finished, but that turned out to be a Blessing in disguise as this let to a preview of the course videos;

Other courses can be found here;

Below is another source (more just free videos and thus maybe not the same leauge, but still).



Did you just recently upgrade from Office 2003 to 2010 or are you just having problems finding some obscure feature from Office 2003 in 2010?

Well, try this on for size;

It’s actually really cool, you get to select the feature in the Office 2003 gui and is shown an animation of how to find it in 2010.   And as 2010 and 2007 are very alike then this may also work for Office 2007.

A Danish interest post.. is a cool new initiative by Danish libraries, it offer the opportunity to download from a central database of Danish audiobooks, the download is limited to be playable for 30 days (via MS DRM) – but you can ‘renew’ your license at any time.

PLUS; Free, collection is growing (not fast, but its up to 250-300 books by now)

MINUS; no Ipods (solution uses WMA with DRM), but use Tunebite (thanks to Jesper for the tip) to strip the DRM and you are back in business. A somewhat limited collection, but that will change.

Cool initiative, a must see for all Danes.

Just finished installing my first Microsoft Windows 2008 Enterprise server, nice 🙂

Most disturbing is that it will actually go into production right away, we need some of the new group policy management features..  oh well..

Looks quite nice btw.

Just spend about 30 min finding out that the usernames in WordPress is casesensetive, bummer 🙂