Movie reviews etc

I was at the Cinema yesterday to see the new Terminator Salvation movie.

I was a bit sceptic as I was very disappointed with the T3 movie, but it actually turned out to be surprisingly good – not above and beyond but really quite decent.


You can expect heavy action from start to end, which is cool for us guys, but not really a chick movie – so leave the girlfriend at home :-), and the plot is fair but nothing extraordinary.

Is it worth a visit to the Cinema?  I’d say yes the special effects really come through on the big screen, besides it is a good and well filmed action movie.  And yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger is also in the new movie,  if only for a brief appearance, and sadly it appear they CGI animated him 😐 so that part is a bit of a scam.


Just yesterday heard about the new DivX7 which is interesting enough even though i am not much into that (I think I am using Xvid, but am not sure I just installed the Vista Codec Pack and that seem to cover my needs), however more interesting was the DivX7 showcase where they had HD trailers etc for new movies.

It looks like we sci-fi geeks are going to have a blast this year with;

startrekStar Trek 11 Even though it seem to be missing the real Star Trek heroes like Pickard and Data it may still be worth a look.  I am however still a bit pissed at Paramount for canceling Star Trek Enterprise, it was just getting good and I really enjoy the Star Trek universe, hail to Gene Roddenberry.

poster-salvation Terminator Salvation – The last Terminator movie was a bit of a disappointment in my opinion, but I am still likely to give this one a screening even so.

Do you have your friends from oversea come to visit, do they hate to miss just a single episode of their local “wheel of fortune – tv show”, well try this site on for size;

It even offer a gadget that will omit your pc and stream right to your TV, a bit steep though.

Some weeks ago my daughter and I attended the Musical “Mamma Mia” performed in Horsens Denmark. And to use an Abba phrase “my – my – how can I resist you!”, what a truly excellent show. I would say Mamma Mia ranks at the top of any live performance I have attended for years, if not ever.. Money well spent.

And as a little twist, this summer the show will hit cinemas as a movie/musical with quite a promising cast even, so good things do get even better.. No doubt I’ll be in the THX center of that performance as well once it hits the northern Europe.

It’s official folks, the HD format wars is over..

Toshiba has dropped the HD-DVD format.

Pros: Finally we have one standard

Cons: The price war between Sony and Toshiba did a good job of bringing the prices down, then again maybe one standard will call for more hardware suppliers adding BlueRay which again will bring down prices.


Tomorrow the movie Hitman is shown in Danish cinemas, obviously I have tickets 😉

I loved the earlier versions of the game (the last one did somehow not catch), actually the composer of the music score was a familiar face (Jesper Kyd – he as I was members of The Silents DK (an Amiga demo group – WAY WAY WAY back) so I’m looking forward to seeing if his music made it to the movie too :-)..


Finnaly it’s here, this weekend my daughter invited me over to watch a movie, she works at a DVD distribution company nearby and she had a few samples home with her.

It turned out to be quite interesting, the DVD’s was of the new ‘SELF DISTRUCT’ kind, those who only works for a limited time (in this case 48h) and then are rendered useless (details here

Several things immediately came into mind;

How does it work 🙂 I found an entry at but this does not say much on how the technology works, then I looked at a apparently similar product which was abandoned by Disney earlier.  As I can tell its not quite the same technology, as the DVD-D disks do not turn color.  From what I can tell the DVD-D disks have a small hole in them, my guess would be, that this hole has to do with the protection, could be that air somehow is let in via this hole and starts some decomposition..  an interesting experiment would thus in future be to try and close this hole (superglue or something) and see if this would stop the process.  Also the package does not seem air-tight, hence it would appear the process does not begin before first play, maybe triggered by the heat of the laser!?

Another issue..  The environmental one, disposable DVD’s… hmm is this environmentally friendly?  At first thought no, but then again…  rental DVD’s have to be returned, many people go out start their car and drive to the local DVD shop returning the DVD which obviously is equally disturbing..  Hence, I would tend to say, not environmentally friendly, but maybe not all that bad either..  Maybe some sort of return system could be put into place, say you would have to pay 50cent (like soda and beer cans in Denmark) which was returned upon returning the dvd-d to the reseller, but this likely would be complex to implement.


I find the perspective of this technology fascinating, just think no more going outside a cold winter day returning a rental DVD..  nice..  Also you could buy/rent your movie many days in advance, and then watch it at your leisure. 

However, just one problem for now, the price..  from what I could tell the price for these dvd’s are 1/3 higher than regular rental dvd’s 🙁  This would have to be equaled out before this turns into a ‘blockbuster’ (or maybe rather a blockbuster killer, as such dvd’s could be sold from anywhere)…

Below a picture of the ‘hole’ I mentioned earlier…
48H DVD)