Yesterday I visited Aros Artmuseum in Aarhus Denmark for a conference on IT Security held by Ezenta , during our lunch break we was invited to visit the ‘Rainbow’ on top of Aros where I shot the featured video – quite impressive artwork I have to say.

Twice within just a few months I have been traveling abroad just to realize that my AC power cord from my laptop would not fit the national wall sockets.

Sadly this is especially a problem for Danes as our national standard for IT AC power plugs are slightly incompatible with many of our Europan neighbours, we apparently in Denmark use something called a “Type K” power plug – this is similar to a Type F/G but not quite.

(The Danish Type K – AC power cord).

Some may see the difference between the Type K and the Type E / F hybrid (used in many other EU countries).

as you can see the Type E/F hybrid will fit a Danish wall plug, but a Danish Type K cable will not be able to fit a Type E/F wall plug due to the round sides.

Anyhow, you can imagine me getting tired of this and trying to figure out a solution.  I came up with three or four, so here we go;

How to build an international AC Power cord for your pc.

one that will work in most European countries (I strongly suggest option three).

  • The first and simplest solution is to buy a Type F/G hybrid C5 cable.  This will work in most European countries without problems (it will sadly not work in some IT versions of the Type K wall socket in Denmark as these IT sockets again are slightly different – but this is a minor problem as Danish offices often have both IT and regular wall sockets).
  • The next solution is one many of my co-workers turned to, taking a Type K plug and filing it down (or using a knife) so it will fit international power sockets.  Well this is an OK solution but filing/cutting down a power plug can be dangerous to your fingers and to your general security – trust me 🙂  So if you have no better use of your time, and  don’t mind bloody fingers – go for it..
  • Third solution actually came to me while rummaging through old cables, I stumbled across an old C7 cable and came to compare it to a C5 cable – and came to wonder – hey these two look somewhat similar (if you exclude the ground connector) – I wonder if a C7 cable will fit a C5 socket..  Sadly it would not 🙁  but then it came to me, what if I take a plier and cut down the middle of the C7 plug, well imagine what it was an instant success..  a C7 plug cut down the middle with a plier will fit a C5 socket (and still work in a C7 socket).  So what you do is buy a C7 cable, these are used for all sorts of equipment (radios, charges, shavers etc. etc.), cut it down the middle and insert it into your power supply for your laptop – and the really clever part is that C7 cables often come with a Type C plug which makes it even more compatible (it will fit virtually anywhere).
  • Fourth solution is to take your C5 cable, cut it up and then buy and mount a Type C connector.  This will work, however it requires the most work.

This will of cause not help you with UK, US and the Asian wall sockets (although I was able to fit my Type C cable in some Chinese wall sockets).

Anyhow problem minimized.

Read all about the different plugs and wall sockets here;

A Danish interest post.. is a cool new initiative by Danish libraries, it offer the opportunity to download from a central database of Danish audiobooks, the download is limited to be playable for 30 days (via MS DRM) – but you can ‘renew’ your license at any time.

PLUS; Free, collection is growing (not fast, but its up to 250-300 books by now)

MINUS; no Ipods (solution uses WMA with DRM), but use Tunebite (thanks to Jesper for the tip) to strip the DRM and you are back in business. A somewhat limited collection, but that will change.

Cool initiative, a must see for all Danes.

Atlas it would seem that the Iphone will find its way to Danish consumers, according to – Berlingske (a Danish newspaper) Telia has landed an agreement with Apple regarding distribution of the Iphone in Denmark.

This has however not stopped 8000 Danes in getting hold of an Iphone through alternate distribution channels, a quick search of also reveals several Iphones up for sale.  These versions are/needs to be ‘jailbroken’ (buildin security lock bypassed) in order to be used in Denmark, and the price for being an ‘early’ user is skyhigh approx US$ 890. 

There is no release date announced by Telia regarding their upcomming Danish launch.

Be careful what you have on your laptop when entering the USA, the security checks are no longer limited to your physical goods, according to the Danish online magazine ComOn.DK quite a lot of people have had to hand over their passwords to their laptops, in order for the Security personnel at the US airports to search their computers.

Disturbing is the only word I can think of.

We all know the issue, we have a lot of digital pictures and would love to share them with friends and family.  However making the nice menus and uploading is complex, requires different software etc etc.  hence it never gets done..

Not anymore, Gallery Mage is a very simple yet powerful utility to deal with this issue.  It can create thumbnails, html preview and upload the resulting files directly to your website (via ftp) or to a directory which you can burn directly to a cd/dvd or upload to a web-site manually..

It does not get much simpler than this 🙂

Besides being free its even compatible with many open source “online gallery portals” (like coppermine etc) so you can use your existing ‘gallery portal’ if you already use one..