You might be one of those people that have occasionally been using Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Gimp or some other graphics editor to clean up a picture every now and then – but to be honest how often do you need software like that?  Only rarely right, well – I just stumbled across a great online resource for this, it’s a free service that lets you edit a picture/photo or may just pimp it up with some effects..

Basically there are three editors available, one classic editor (like Photoshop, PaintShop Pro etc.), one to create cool collages and finally one to add effects (like make a photo look old, modify the colors etc.).

If you ever used any of the above mentioned programs this site will be a breeze, if not then the two last tools will still be piece of cake to use.


Below a few examples.

collage1 2013-11-20_13h52_33

Remember it’s free, fun and easy..

The default site is;

The advanced editor directly is;

Long ago I wrote about (a free and cool screen capture software), but recently I was made aware of a “competitive” product called PicPick which is equally free and cool.

Compared the two products offer some advantages over each other;

Jing: Upload directly to screencast, video capture possibility and also a layered approach (when adding text and arrows onto captures).

PicPick: Lots of different capture modes (eg. freehand) and a build-in graphics editor in which you will work with your capture (ala Paint from windows).

Both:Hotkey support (pipick even separate hotkeys for the different capture modes), option to add both text and arrows to the capture to underline your point.

Which is better is hard to say – I guess it depends on what kind of captures you do the most..   A merge of the two products would be ever so cool 🙂

I think PicPick offer some great options when talking capture modes and also the build in editor is nice, it is however annoying that the editing is not layered (if you add an arrow it is added into the graphics and cant thus be changed later as opposed to Jing).  Maybe you will just have to have both 😉

Get PicPick free here;

Get Jing free here;

Adobe is making the next version of their “Content Aware Fill” feature in Photoshop even more intelligent, this will allow you to edit out even complex structures from pictures and this without advanced knowledge of photo editing.

See the video for a demonstration, it is quite amazing.

flashlogoSo if you want to be totally up-beat or perhaps are testing out Boxee then you will want to install the latest Adobe Flash Player (Boxee actually seem to require this), but no worries you can get it right here;

Among other things this version will add HW acceleration, neat for Netbooks as compatible GFX cards now can assist in playing video and thus perhaps adding HD playback to your otherwise slow Atom processor (however this DO require a compatible GFX card to work like the Nvidia ION and others).

Two links for you to check;


A neat service where you either upload a picture or reference it via a url and the page then display links to similar sites (with the same or almost the same picture)..  Kind of fun for a few clicks or three.

A somewhat similar service but seem more like a community you join (I have not read the full description), tnx to Jesper T. for the latter.

sherlocklgeEver had a video or audio file you could not play?  Most likely yes and the reason is 99% sure a missing codec, a good and easy approach to combat this is to install a codec pack which contain most used codec’es (currently I use Vista Codec Pack which seem to contain all that I need and btw also works fine on XP).

Should you however run into problems with codec’es then you may want to take a look at this “Codec detective” which will assist you in determining just what codec’es you have and their versions, this combined with a little googleing should be of great help.

main_window_thumbnailYet another freeware videoconverter, seems quite ok and supports HD.

At that price give it a spin 😉