Jitsi communications server – I plan on deploying my own Jitsi server and making a video about it. Inspired by the “corona” reality we currently live in I stumbled across this Jitsi server, its a free open source online meeting platform (an alternative to Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom, Microsoft Teams). Jitsi seem to be a very nice alternative to many paid products – even quite competitive and superior in some ways. It lacks a bit on the management side and the setup of a new meeting has some quirks – but as its light weight, has excellent quality meetings, seem better than many others when it come to multiple attendants and require nothing more than a browser to join (although it also offer client software for both phones and computers). Really looking forward to testing this out. And who does not need their own online meeting platform 😉

Try out the free online version here: https://jitsi.in/

Relaunching “ReadMyDamnBlog.com”

Quite obviously I have been neglecting my blog, not quite sure what triggered that years ago – but now I will make a dash for reinventing my blog and making it a live place once again. I will also try to supplement it with a YouTube channel which often can be a great extension to the spoken word.


So this one actually came from my wife when she went home to China last year, its a realtime flight tracking site – you can realtime follow air traffic world wide just like google maps. You can even setup your own small tracking station and supply data to the network, it just require a small Rapsberry Pi and a small SDR usb pen – I am at the moment working on setting up just such a device.

Finsih setting up my ESXi server

Earlier this year I switched out my Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V server with a new VmWare ESXi server, mainly because my friend René kept bugging me about my Hyper-V server but also as a consequence of needing more ram – my old server would not allow more than 32gb of ram, and this was getting tight when wanting to explore new things. So I now have 128gb on an Intel i7 9700 which runs like a dream, but atlas now I have the hardware now I need to upgrade and build all the servers and stuff I earlier put on hold :-O

Setting up Network monitoring at home

At work I have for years been configuring quite complex and nice PRTG monitoring platforms, all with nice dashboards and the like. But at home I have been falling behind, why? Well, first we need the right servers setup and configured, then the network need to be segmented then the UTM firewall need a rebuild and THEN we get to the nice monitoring server with the neat dashboards and stuff.. So yeah, again cant wait to get started but its like when I bought my first CD – I did not have a CD player 😉 So this may not be the first project to be finished, but I promise you it WILL be finished and I will share my experience with you guys.


So this is the age of internet television, and during the corona crisis I revisited an “old friend” IPTV. So now we have TV over IP great, but now I need something like a Tivo for IPTV – I am going to look into Kodi, especially the Linux builds like LibreElec or Xbian or something similar. Also looking for a way to get my wife Chinese TV, you can stream it free from the chinese website so it must be possible somehow to get those streams into Kodi. Perhaps an exciting winter wonder project.